Cosplay to buy or not to buy that is the question?
October 16, 2009, 12:36 pm
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Well, finally I found time to write this…. I was starting to think I’d never get around to it. Well one of the things I promised to write about was cosplay and write detail reports of all the cosplays any of us here in Onigiri Production make, but before I get to that I think you guys will love it if I make tutorial video on sewing techniques and discussed subject people are always asking about. That’s why this post is about whether you should buy or make you cosplays.

Now this is something The Mute and I have talked about constantly about because The Mute has little experience with sewing and she gets frustrated and wants to buy her cosplays sometimes but also wants to make it herself. On the other hand I have a lot of sewing experience; logically my opinion would be to make your costume, right? Well it’s a little more complicated than that.

There are 2 things to consider in this debate…. well more like 3…. One of them is money, the others are time and PATIENCE.

Let’s begin with the pros and con of buy as oppose to making. Clearly for one buying is easier and faster than making it yourself. You don’t have to worry yourself over the process of making it and there is a good chance that it’ll look perfect (unless your buy online in which case you hope it looks as good as the pictures). Buying you costumes, though, will be more costly though that making it. I am amazed at the prices people will pay for their cosplays. Here’s the thing about over paying for a beautiful costume. Yes, it’s probably gorgeous probably, but if you paid so much for this costume then wouldn’t you feel a over protected about it. “This cost me so much I can’t let it get ruined.” Let’s face it we are crazy, if you’re not then I’m sure a good number of people going to the same convention as you are. Your costume WILL get sweat in it, it WILL get wear and tear in places, and there is a good chance something WILL spill on it eventually. You don’t want to spend all your time worrying over your costume. Buying your costume is great but be a bargain hunter and look for the best costume at a reasonable price. How do you know the price is right? RESEARCH! Compare other prices ask people who know how to sew how difficult they think that costume would be to make. The price of costume is determent by how much the material cost and how difficult it is to make. Find a seamstress ask them how much do they think this costume is worth. I also suggest buying used cosplays, they save you quite a lot of money and they are usually very good.

Buying Cosplay
Money 2 stars
Time 5 stars
Patience 2 stars

Overall buying is great for saving on time, but you’re probably going to have to spend some extra cash and you’re going to have to spend some extra time searching for the perfect deal.

Now making cosplays is whole different story. Here we are definitely saving money on our cosplays, but time is precious and you better be prepare to hate your sewing machine if you don’t know much about sewing (just remember that if you love your machine it’ll love you back and you don’t want to break it because then you’ll have to buy a new one). Once again you best solution is to RESEARCH! Talk to people who’ve done it before, I’m sure they’ll have great advise for you or at least will warn you not to make the same mistakes that they did. The more you know the less chances of you buy too much or too little fabric, ripping your fabric during construction, breaking your machine, and the better chances of it looking how you want it. I am very big on making as oppose to buying because I feel that it is part of the cosplay experience. You will feel so proud of yourself when someone says your costume look cool or want to take you picture when you made it yourself. Plus, then you can enter costume contests, which usually costumes have to be made not bought in order to enter.

Making Cosplay
Money 5 stars
Time 2 stars
Patience 2 stars

Overall, when making your cosplay you are saving on money, but definitely have to have the patience to make it especially if it is a difficult costume. It will also take a lot more time out of you schedule than buying will, please take your time into consideration before starting a new costume days before the desired convention.

The reality about this debate is that there is no right answer. There is nothing wrong with buy or making cosplay which ever you do. Even those of us you always make our costume buy on occasion. For example, my Zero no Tsukaima Louise cosplay it a shirt, mini skirt, stockings, and shoes I happened to have or that I went out and bought. I see no reason in making that costume if it’s just regular clothing pieces. Then there are times where buyers make something as well, like when they can find a good quality accessory so they make it themselves…. or something like that. What important if enjoying yourself at the end and sticking to your budget or time limit. ^^



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