YOU ARE NOW ENTERING STITCHES’S WONDERLAND…… Okay, so maybe it’s not a wonderland but I sure hope you all like what I make for you guys. Now for formal Introductions, I’m called Stitches you can also find me on Youtube as designer2327 or designerrefia. I’m called Stitches because I’m will be covering artsy, crafty, and dance subjects.

The first thing I will be writing about is COSPLAY! I will be keeping the record of my cosplays and The Mute’s cosplays, and I will give you a detail review the sewing process for those of you who want to cosplay that character anytime.

I will also be writing about Asian fashion styles and making you how-to video for accessories or anything else I might come across, and as part of my Asian fashion section I will be making (SLOWLY MIGHT I ADD) a fashion line for each one of us here in Onigiri Productions. You’ll see some sketches and plans real soon. 

The third thing I will be working on are AMVs (the means anime music video), you can check out all of my work so far at my desigenr2327 account on youtube.

Lastly!!!!!! I love to dance and so I am determine to learn the dances to my favorite Asian music videos and I will make you guys how-to videos for this to and hopefully if I can ever find a decent camera man my own version of the music videos.


Asian Fashion Styles:


Learn the Dance:


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